Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm fairly positive that this gas 'crisis' is a giant government conspiracy. To test the effects of a hypothetical situation where the US 'ran out' of gas the powers-that-be decided a good test run could be had in western North Carolina. My car's gas light came on last Wednesday and I haven't had the opportunity to fill it up since. There is no logical explanation for why there is no gas in this major southern city. No reason for it. You can cite the disturbed production in Texas but there is no reason for that to halt any other region from funneling some of their fuel into places that needed it just as much as they did. The lines for gas are insane at some of the stations. Serious traffic problems have resulted from these (literally) hundreds of cars waiting in line - in the lane of traffic - to fill up before the station closes. It's absolutely ridiculous.

On a side note, I'm going for the Rays this post-season. I don't think they'll make it too far but still, I'd rather root for a team from our division that isn't named the Red Sox than any other, so Rays it is.

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