Wednesday, March 5, 2008


2 movies I highly recommend: "Sunshine" and "Waitress"

Watched them over the past 2 days and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. "Sunshine" was actually my favorite movie so far of 2008 (not that it was released in 2008, that's just when I watched it). That includes movies I've seen for the first time such as "Good Night and Good Luck," "Once," "The Lookout,"and "Ratatouille." Each of those is admittedly a totally different type of movie but "Sunshine" was awesome. I was completely wrapped up in the story, literally sitting on the edge of my seat for the last 30 minutes of the film. It had its flaws but the story was pretty badass. Watch it.

I'm starting to feel really good on my runs. This may just be in my head but my legs and lungs feel very strong right now. 7 minutes per mile is now a full-sentence conversation pace run. The rest of my body needs to cooperate now that my fitness is coming along well. My stupid stomach won't get on pace (great pun, I know) with the rest of me. It's not something that slows me down to any noticeable degree but it's definitely something that would be better off not happening. Duh. I supposed if that's my only complaint about running, I'm not doing too poorly.

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