Friday, February 29, 2008


Andddd the 2008 Yankee season is (more or less) underway with the completion of the first exhibition game. A win, albeit against a college team and not a drubbing like the Red Sox shoveled on their collegiate counterparts (classy guys), is a win.

Phil Hughes is going to be better than Joba and IPK. Consider it set in stone. His mental composure and pure stuff combined with his mental capacity for the game make me almost too excited to type two-handed.

Igawa - in hindsight - was not worth 46 million dollars. Luckily hindsight has shown me that gem of a realization. I might trade a piece of broccoli for him. Consider this; I like broccoli because it has a lot of potential for a vegetable but doesn't taste all that great and takes a long time to really appreciate. Igawa may or may not be worth a piece of brocolli.

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