Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Track workout tonight with some of the New Orleans Track Club (NOTC) members. The scheduled plan was for

4x800 @ 2 mile pace with 2 minutes of rest in between (walking, no jogging)
5 minute jog
4x800 @ 5k pace with 1 minute of rest

I had an idea in mind about what my goal paces were but quickly realized that I should just go with the guys in front because the gap between us and the next runner was significant enough that it probably wouldn't have felt very taxing. My eight 800s ended up being

2:35.4, 2:31.7, 2:34.8, 2:35.4 for the first set
2:42.5, 2:39.9, 2:40.8, 2:38.3 for the second

Came out to a 5:14 average. These felt pretty good, considering how little speed/stamina work I've done in the past 3 months. My breathing was fine throughout, it was my legs that could have used a little help (EPO, anyone?). That will get better the more workouts I do, however.

I'm hoping to stick mainly to tempo runs/fartleks and maaayybe some longer track workouts. I'd rather focus on stamina than speed at this point. 800s will probably be the shortest repeat I do (that's such a blanket statement that will almost certainly not hold true, but whatever).

Good last workout of 2008!

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