Wednesday, December 24, 2008


AM: (barely)
Went out for what should have been a 10 mile run but I only ended up doing a little over 5 because of the heat and humidity. As soon as I started out my HR was really sky-high (10-15 bpm over what it normally is!) and I didn't feel all that stellar. It was 70 degrees with 70 percent humidity when I started and when I got home and checked, said it was 80 degrees. That is a big difference for my body. The last run I did in Charlotte (on Monday) was clear and cold (30) so I'm hoping that the heat and the day off contributed to my not-so-great feelings... Got in a 1.8 mile tempo though in around 6:05 pace, which felt pretty terrible. I'm hoping to get in an easy (longer than today) run in tomorrow and then maybe a real workout with a group on Friday. We shall see. Merry Christmas

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