Monday, March 25, 2013


Swim - a hair over 30,000
Bike - somewhere around 70 miles
Run - a hair over 40 miles

Time - around 18.5 hours

I'm being circumspect about my numbers this week because I am ashamed of myself from the weekend.  Thankfully, this sort of shame does not result from bad decisions and the implications of those bad decisions after 2 hard nights out like a lot of "young professionals" here in Charlotte; it stems from my lack of ability to get on the MF'ing trainer.  I just don't get some people's ability to flog themselves hour after hour on the trainer.  I GET that their circumstances require it, but I don't GET how they stay sane.  They are better than me.  I mean, I love riding my bike.  I really do.  But I do not love riding my bike indoors. I respect the ability to do it, but I do not envy it.

For me, being GOOD at exercising is a fortunate by-product of enjoying the process of exercising.  I do not enjoy exercising in it's own right.  If it wasn't for racing, I would not be interested in training at the level at which I currently reside.  After all, I don't do it JUST to look amazing, I do it to crush as many dreams as possible.

So we get a weekend like this past one: the first weekend of spring in late March and it's raining both days, it's cold, and it's miserable. It completely ruined my mood. Watching the forecast for each upcoming weekend is a bit like foreplay (or what I imagine it would be like but I do not know of such things) in that it "readies" you for the the...experience...that the weekend provides.

Needless to say - but I will anyway - this weekend was...anti-climactic.  The ONE single silver lining I can think of is at the SwimMAC Master's workout on Saturday morning (sprinter set from the blocks as the main set) I set a big PB in the 50 yard free.  Diving off the deck (because the blocks still intimidate me) netted me a :26, which is pretty good for a tri-geek.

I will leave you, intrepid reader, with another shot at sort-of seriously semi-pro shenanigans tip of the week:

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x2 on the trainer!!
Nice write up