Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Semi-Pro Training Tip

Today starts the first in a series of what I am going to call - most elegantly I might add - Semi Pro Training Tips.  You can decide how seriously you want to take me on your own, but rest assured that I definitely do everything I say in these tips.  I am not joking around; if you want to maximize your potential as a triathlete you'd be well advised to listen and OBEY!

In this first one I wanted to highlight the best thing to do when you are NOT training (or working).  Some of you all out there have silly responsibilities such as kids, wives, girlfriends, etc.  That sucks! (not really, it's awesome, but for the sake of my sweet blog and my sweet semi-pro training tips let me reiterate: ARGH RESPONSIBILITY!!!)

Due to the hurried nature of its creation, you have to turn the volume up pretty good; I promise I don't say anything NSFW.

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