Monday, March 4, 2013

March, why are you so cold?

S - 32,600 yards
B - 137.5 miles
Run - 45.9 miles

Time - 22.28 hours

I'm not going to be as cliche as some and say that I live in the South for a reason and that reason is warmth.  But I will go so far as to say the weather so far this year has been remarkably...cold.  It's a not-fun juxtaposition to the climate I was experiencing this time last year when I spent 3.5 weeks in Tucson, AZ.

Things could be worse though; last year it was cool to bike a lot.  (I think I rode in excess of 800 miles while I was in Tucson).  This year it is cool to swim and run a lot! That is much easier with cold, windy, snowy weather.  Pools and treadmills are the same temperature, always.  Even if it's snowing huge flakes outside on a Saturday morning (like, say this past Saturday morning) the pool is always comfortable.  Even if you're doing a broken 1000 IM for "time."  (as a sidenote, whenever Jonathan says we're doing anything IM for "time" I substitute "survival" for "time" as my own personal goal)

Seriously, whenever I "successfully" finish an IM interval, this is EXACTLY what I look like.

Tan, ripped, good looking...happy....all of the above.

All that being said, this week was pretty normal.  At least, in so far as things have gone lately.  Lots of swimming, decent amount of running, some biking.  Swim 7 times (in 6 days), run about the same, bike 4 times.

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