Monday, November 29, 2010

Laziness abounds

S: 11,500 yards
B: 30 miles
R: 21 miles

Time: 8.3 hours

Well, this week was all about indulging in the greatest of human abilities: apathy.  I had a lot of intertia this week and refused to get off the couch on Thursday and Friday.  Had two good swims on M/Tues and a great run on Tuesday as I helped out Jackie with a marathon workout (3x3 miles at 6:50 pace) that ended up being a few more miles than I really wanted (14) but it all worked out ok in the end...

On another note, I've been talking a lot with Brian Stover of Accelerate3 coaching and I think that is a route I'd like to take for next year (  If my end goal in triathlon is to reach whatever potential I may or may not have then I think it's best - especially in these early "formative" years - to put my training in the hands of someone more capable than I (as impossible as it is for me to admit that ANYONE knows more about anything than I do I think I should in this instance...) and hopefully my "abilities" (loosely used ) will increase exponentially.  Nothing formal as of yet but I'm pretty excited about the possibility of working with a coach as it's always something I've wanted but could never justify.  Even now it's tough to justify the expense of a coach as triathlon is still just a hobby (and maybe it always will be) but if the goal is to improve then it's important to take steps to reach that goal.

This next week will be about getting back into a regular routine and just kind of enjoying unstructured training, as when Brian gets in control that will change quickly!

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