Monday, November 8, 2010

Almost no training week

S: 8,820 yds
B: 70 mi
R: 6.8 mi

Time: 6.8 hrs

Not a lot to say this week; I had been planning on a down week and the trip to Florida seemed to be a perfect excuse to not do very much as far as training goes.

I got in a fun open water swim with the wetsuit in the Gulf the day after the Ironman in perfectly clear, cool and calm water.  Other than that, I really didn't do very much this week.  I rode long on Tuesday by myself since I knew I wouldn't be biking while I was down in Panama City so that was a good ride.  Next week I'll be looking to get the swimming back up to par and I also will be doing the Spencer Mountain 10 miler road race.  I'm not looking for much there, just a nice hard workout.  I don't expect to be very fast.

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