Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another super duper exciting weekly review!!

S: 15,200 yards
B: 80.5 mi
R: 40 mi

Time: 14.9 hrs

MMMMmmmm, some delicious swimming this week.  When I say delicious I really mean it because the taste of chlorine is so good once it hits your lips; SO GOOD!  I had one real workout that had me seeing some stars and the rest was a mixture of filler, drills and light workout type stuff.  One of my favorite swims was on Sunday when I was at the Dowd YMCA and saw a lady who I haven't see in some time.  It's always nice to see a familiar face and this time was no different.  She looks middle-aged (maybe around 50?) and she's pretty short and wears a one-piece bathing-suit that looks like it's from the 1950s.  Unlike most "swim suits" this "bathing suit" had a lot of coverage.  She walked in and - as usual - jumped into the lane (no goggles or cap) on the wall and began her regular workout of holding on to the side of the pool and dipping her head under and coming back up, simulating what I assume to be pull-ups (I'm probably being very generous here...).  She completed some number of these and then left to go back to the women's locker room.  Several minutes later, she reappeared and began the process anew.  She has the strangest routine of any regular "swimmer" I've seen at the Y.  Makes me glad I now have the option to go to the MCAC.

Dominated some roller action on Tuesday night while spectating the Inside-Out trainer ride.  I averaged a staggering 23 mph!  Unfortunately for my ego, with no resistance it's rather easy to average a high rate of speed on rollers.  I also got back on a mountain bike on Saturday morning with Behme and Fletch.  Due to my lack of experience (both long-term and recently) on the mountain bike my legs felt fine but my hands got so tired after only an hour-ish of riding!  I was practically cramping at the end of our third lap on non-technical, albeit rooty, trails.  I also did a longer ride on Sunday with a nice group that was nice and easy with amazing weather.

Running this week was just about building the volume back up a little bit; no workouts of any sort and a long run of only 10 miles (although the average pace for this 10 miles was under 7 min/mi...).

All in all it was a good week, hopefully more swimming and running building will come in the future.  If I don't go crazy or die first, I'd like to string together 5-6 weeks of 20k+ swimming and 55-65 miles of running before February.  That'd be some excellent building for a fruitful 2011 season!! w00t


Tara Flint said...

That's not as bizarre as what I've seen at The Rush: Sauna-10 min, dip in the pool, hot tub-5 min, dip in the pool, 20 crunches with legs dangling into the hot tub, hot tub-5 min, dip in the pool. Repeat x3. I am not kidding. Another interesting workout is pool running in tennis shoes. I've also seen an elderly man shaving in the hot tub.

James said...

That last one is sick ha.