Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reflection Retreat

So today the AmeriCorps got back from a 3 day weekend at the beach in Oak Island, NC. The intent of this required 'retreat' is to train AmeriCorps on 'reflection' and 'life after AmeriCorps.' If it sounds a little ridiculous, it kind of is; if the hope is to introduce AmeriCorps members to thinking about issues related to poverty and housing then I feel like it's a little late for that. Poverty housing and its issues have been in our faces for the past 9+ months so I think I both know about them and am perfectly capable of forming my own opinions on them.

But whatever, we got a free 3 day beach weekend out of it.

The beach was on the eastern coast of NC and having spent more than 99% of my beach time on the sands of Gulf Shores, AL I was pretty weirded out the whole time. Both the beach itself and the beach house 'community' is very different from down by our house. It actually made me really miss home for the first time this year. I was at the beach, but it wasn't really 'the beach' so I wanted to me at my family's house as opposed to this unfamiliar weirdness.

I was also worried about my foot all weekend/this past week so that has kind of sucked. I took my first test run on it today and it felt ok but I kept imagining pains and that freaked me out a bit. I don't want to be scared to run on a healthy foot; then I'm just a wuss. But we'll see after a couple more days whether I can get back up to mileage.

It sucks because I was just starting to bump up over 50 regularly, which was a big mental hurdle for me. I'm also going to start doubling a day or two a week once I'm sure that the foot is fully back. I have no idea when my next race will be; it depends entirely on the health of my foot.

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Anna said...

I'm sorry you're foot hurts. :( I hope it feels better soon! Injuries suck. I ran for 12 minutes nonconsecutive yesterday. It felt like hell.