Monday, June 30, 2008

Big week

So I almost got 60 miles this past week, but not quite. Oh well, it'll come eventually. I had two tempo runs and two long runs this week, with 25 miles coming in on Saturday and Sunday combined. Felt pretty excellent considering the volume and intensity from this week.

I actually looked online for swim classes/technique videos and the like, which is a step in the direction of triathlons. Just a small step, but it means I'm thinking about it...if only superficially.

Only a month of work left, then it's vacay for a bit. Where should I visit??

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Anna said...

don't hate on my 2 mile run. it was a big step for me. i'm still really sad that running a mile is harder for me than biking 70 right now. when i'm done with this cycling thing i'm going to do triathlons too, assuming i can relearn how to run. and yes, you are going to kick my ass.