Saturday, May 31, 2008

Free runner glory!

While on a bike ride today I saw a guy doing what I assume was free running, except it was a lame-o version that looked absolutely ridiculous and caused me to laugh out loud. He was in front of this church and he'd jump over what might have been a 2 foot ledge and equally high shrubbery (I really just wanted to say shrubbery, except you have to say it like in Monty Python for the full effect) onto the grass lawn beside the stairs with his hands all up in the air celebrating his astonishing feat. He then ran around in front, up the stairs and jumped over the shrubbery again - a jump that was in all seriousness shorter than a hurdle. It was really, really amusing because it seemed like he was a) having a great time and b) really into it; 2 things I don't understand at all. I feel like parkour would only be fun if you're really, really good at it (i.e. the dude from Casino Royale). To be mediocre or below average just makes you look like an idiot because you just run around and crappily jump from one object to another and probably sprain your ankle/wrists/knees multiple times with absolutely nothing to show for it. Practice somewhere no one can see you dude, not on one of the busier streets in Charlotte.

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Anna said...

Hi James! I tried to look up your race results but didn't see you listed, so you're going to have to update me. Hope everything's going well! I'm becoming a big cycling fanatic.