Friday, February 1, 2008

Today I'm unfortunately feeling the effects of extremely poor planning on my part yesterday evening. I did a timed 4 mile run/race (a running/social group that does a regular 4 mile run; depending on who shows up the pace can be very fast...) that was probably 15-20 seconds/mile slower than what I could do right now. My 4 mile time was ~26:10. I then drove home and about 30 minutes post 4 mile timed run I decided I felt so good that instead of going inside and eating dinner I'd just go do 4 more miles. I then proceeded to run the second 4 miles only 1:30 slower than the first. I still felt good but when I finished and cleaned up at home I just completely forgot to eat dinner. Dunno how I missed out on that one but I wasn't hungry soo...

Today I feel awful. Sore, tired...the works. It doesn't help that the weather is absolute crap.

The 4 mile "Plaza Prowl" run was a lot of fun though. Most people stay afterwards to hang out at a local bar but I didn't feel like I was ready for that much social interaction yet so give it a couple of weeks and I might be adventurous.

At some point I hope on running that course in right around 25:00. That'll be a little while though, especially considering I'll be taking a 10 day hiatus in mid-February for my El Salvador trip.

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