Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hawaii Travels Diary - Day 6 - It's getting closer...

The newest aero road bikes debut in Kona
I was having a discussion with Christine yesterday who, like everyone else here on the island, is about ready to get this dang thing over with.  We were walking into the expo area to try and find a new front hydration system for her and we were talking about how warm and humid it's been so far.  Being from Tucson, this humidity is definitely noticeable.  It hasn't been THAT long, however, since we've both been on the east coast so we shouldn't be that out of sorts when it comes to that sweet sweet dew point that feels like you're walking, running, and biking around in a plastic bag. Everything is just so...moist.  I hate that word, so when I use it you KNOW I mean it!

But anyway, back to the original thread of this story. Christine was saying how much she'd like it to be overcast on Saturday, and I told her that then EVERYbody would do better.  The harder the conditions, the more likely a tough, well trained athlete is likely to flourish. We had a discussion as well earlier in the week about her "cake has been baked" already (David's way of saying "the hay is in the barn" but I like baking more than farming so it's a much better version of that expression) in an effort to discuss how little some of the workouts matter this week.  They matter in the sense that the sharpening effect is well worth it if the workouts are well designed and timed but they don't matter in the sense of increasing your fitness.  Nobody's fitness is going to increase by race-day, and the athletes busting their ass up and down Ali'i drive are certainly only - if anything - diminishing their chances of having a good race Saturday...

BUT ANYWAY, I keep getting sidetracked.  I'm a very tangential blogger, as some of you who have been reading me for years may have discovered (mom).  Christine said overcast is better, I said hot is better. She said, "but what if I crumble??" I responded by saying: "a well baked cookie never crumbles."

So that's my anecdote from yesterday.  If you trust in your training, trust in your plan, execute on race day, and adapt as necessary to changing can't have a bad race! (I realize the irony of me saying this by the way, so take it for what it's worth).  The tougher conditions will only bring out the toughest athletes.

I have one or two rants to throw in this blog as well:

Safeway - what the heck is up with groceries here? 99% of the people on this island are here for days or a week, and yet the grocery store has higher priced, large sized items. There are no "travel sizes" available. Yet they KNOW most of the customers are transient, vacation based customers.  I mean, $8 for a bottle of Heinz ketchup is atrocious. Luckily, I can exist on frozen pizza, bagels, and lunch meat. But still!

DB cyclist/triathletes - Sebastian Kienle even tweeted about this. It's so annoying watching athletes here - who are under the biggest spotlight in the triathlon world, so to speak - continually disregard traffic signals; be it stop signs or stop lights or what have you.  It's extremely frustrating that in this environment they feel like it's ok to risk their safety and the reputation of everyone here.  City residents probably hate this week enough without some douchebag cyclists rolling through town and running stop signs and red lights. Get your s*** together athletes! No excuses.

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