Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The week that was

There was a lot that happened this past week. Got back from a race. Did a group ride. Hit by a car. Wallowed in self-pity. Rode around in a speedo.

That's a fair summary.  I don't wanna go too into detail on the bike accident, but suffice to say that I escaped with more than I could have hoped for from a carbike interaction at ~25mph.

I am mostly ok, although my helmet was demolished and some peripherals on my bike were damaged beyond the ability to repair.  My body is mostly ok, though a week later I am dealing with an ass muscle that is providing some issues.  I have not been able to work our much since then.

But to be able to sit here and type this and be mostly ok is a blessing.  I do not believe it could have gone any better.

The ultimate moral of the story for this blog post is that if you don't wear a helmet when you ride a bike you are truly a moron. I feel sad for those you endanger, maybe not directly but certainly indirectly, by making that ridiculously stupid choice.

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