Monday, April 21, 2014

An update

So ~10 days ago I was diagnosed with a fractured 5th sacral segment. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but I refuse to search that on the internet because I am sure I will be convinced I have cancer.  Internet diagnoses are scary, at best.  Unfortunately it took a week after the actual accident to figure out - for sure- what was wrong.  My doctor advised that I treat it "symptomatically," which basically means don't do stuff that hurts.  So I haven't been swimming much.  Flip turns are kind of a bear, although they are improving.  I have also not been running much.  The jarring motion seems to induce some discomfort although again, that is improving.

It's going to be a while until I feel like I am back at 100% so I am not sure when I am going to race again.  Well, race a triathlon.  I'll relay all day long. Riding my bike seems to provide little to no discomfort at all, surprisingly.  It's kind of ironic that the sport that got me in trouble in the first place (although NOT my fault, I might add) is the one thing I can do relatively discomfort-free.

I biked roughly 230 miles this past week.  I swam a hair under 10000 yards.  I ran about 12 miles or so.  All in all, it added up to somewhere around 16 hours.  Which isn't all that bad, considering.

I took some pictures.  Not earth-shattering pics, but it's unusual to see a lot of "activity" pics.  Unlike some athletes, I don't have a personal photographer following me around everywhere and documenting my everyday activities.  So I do what I can myself.

Lemme take a selfie

That is one sexy bicycle if I do say so myself

I made some more videos, which - if you're reading this - you've probably already seen.  It's kind of funny watching my "history" as you can tell when I learn a new thing I want to use it in the video.  I'm barely scratching the surface of what the video editing suite I purchased can do (and I didn't even get a "pro" one) but I really enjoy it.  To a certain extent, it's probably a lot more interesting to watch a video recap of a race than it is to read a blog about one, but I really just can't resist blogging.  Maybe I'll quit sales and become a race videographer for people.  That'd be pretty cool, any interest out there?

I'd obviously need to improve my skillz for that one to keep me in the black...

Belews International 2014 Relay from James Haycraft on Vimeo.

Lori vs Belews International 2014 from James Haycraft on Vimeo.

Strange denizens of the pool from James Haycraft on Vimeo.

Finally, my favorite: the compendium of pics and video clips of ICE Racing team members thus far in the year.  While this hasn't gotten many views, I think it is one of my best videos so far.  The music (contributed by Tim Ferguson) is a great choice as the beat has such a strong and predictable rhythm it makes it easy to compile and create an "effective" video.

ICE Racing 2014 from James Haycraft on Vimeo.

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