Monday, August 19, 2013

The week where I laughed at myself ironically

S - 19,300 yards
B - 164.7 miles
R - 52 miles

Time - 20.51 hours

The ironic timing of my Friday blog was amusing to me this weekend.  It's possible that it was ONLY amusing to me but to a certain extent you kind of have to take that and run with it. If it's amusing to you that's the only thing that matters.

Of course, I am referring to my "Getting Stoked" post about how I deal with motivational issues while training.  It was clear from the post that I deal with my problems by buying stuff, which may or may not be the best short/long-term financial strategy.  Be that as it may, it has usually worked for me.

Well, Friday rolled around and I finished up and posted the blog, went to work and then had an absolutely phenomenal long run.  My schedule called for 100 minutes aerobic and I knew it'd be a great chance to really see what "aerobic" could mean given that my running fitness has been increasing each week lately.  I had run 10.5 miles the night before with Jenny, including 20 minutes worth of threshold intervals and it had gone quite well so I was excited!

Now, aerobic - according to Brian - is defined as "power level 2, your 'I can do this for 3-4hr' pace; day in day out repeatable doesn't take you out of a workout tomorrow today pace."  If you know Brian, that's a very Brian way to describe something haha... Anyway.  I can usually tell if I've drifted out of the aerobic range and into the "tempo-ish" range by the way my calves feel throughout a run.  If they start to get sore and tight then I know I've been working a little too hard.  This run was not that, it was an hour and forty minutes of pure, aerobic bliss.

My pace was consistent, most notably on the flat parts of the run (greenways, Selwyn, etc), and I felt great throughout. So I was on a motivational high on Friday evening although we did not get to have dinner (big group dinner) until almost 10pm so in hindsight that was a really, really bad situational timing incident and may have affected my Saturday.

The weather for the weekend was going to be bad, especially on Saturday.  After swimming in the cold 65 degree air and rain in the morning at Cordelia I just could simply not get motivated to ride.  I couldn't do it.  I was scheduled to get in 4 hours both days and Saturday I just did not have the desire to get on my bike.  Indoors or outdoors.  I was a little upset with myself but it's been a long time since I took a "me" day and I think in hindsight I was smart to not do the ride I was "planning" on doing Saturday.  Either way, I got excited to ride again on Sunday and got to ride with a good group of friends I hadn't ridden with in a long time and managed to put in some decent efforts so was pleased, especially after seeing my run totals, with the week.

Cool story bro!

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