Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Working hard or hardly working?

S - 16,400 yards
B - 300.0 miles
R - 33.9 miles

Time - 24.5 hours.

There are two things blog-worthy from this week.  Well, maybe three.  Or maybe none are blog worthy and I am just serving as a juicy temptress? Everyone loves a juicy temptress.

Anyway, thing numero uno that was "remarkable" was that I recently purchased a super awesome swim snorkel, more commonly known as a "dorkel." Now, this awesomely yellow snorkel plus my super vibrant B70 trunks definitely make me LOOK more awesome than ever before. Hopefully, I AM more awesome.

Anyway, this week has had me working on some very specific things.  Brian emailed me my schedule with the caption that suggested "Time to work on that jacked up left arm of yours" so I would say I got the message loud and clear... The snorkel helps me work on head position and (hopefully) left arm position.

I hoped to take these newfound skillz with me to the 2mi open water swim at Lake Latta on Saturday but unfortunately my 16+ mile run the night before meant that the swim was not an enjoyable execution of awesome but more like a dogged process through which I had to progress.  Jenny beat me by 5 minutes.  That is unacceptable. Although, she has been swimming a lot more volume than me lately...Damn you more is more!! Damn you!

We also took a trip to the mountains on Sunday.  Cold, chilly weather all the way up 181 led to an absolutely gorgeous day.  I was a little sad for myself since I chose not to do Beech Mtn when everyone else did but I rode strong for the entire 6 hours and maybe riding Beech would have meant I died a slow death at the end...who knows...


Jenny said...

Nice work James! Keep it up!

Accelerate3 said...

From the majority of the climbing I've seen you do, I'd vote for slow death. Keep working on that jacked up left arm.