Sunday, May 20, 2012

When people do dumb stuff...stuff happens

5/7 to 5/13

S - 12000 yards
B - 255.8 miles
R - 27.5 miles

Time - 20.23 hours

5/14 to 5/20

S - 8000 yards
B - 262.3 miles
R - 42.8 miles

Time - 20.82 hours

Unfortunately for myself and all thirteen thousand of my blog readers I completely forgot to write anything at all last week!  Oh the horror.  Forgive me, for I am ashamed.  My words render most readers senseless and are enthralling glimpses into the workings of a genius.  My writing is a gift to you.

Anywayyyy, let me get a bit more realistic.  Last week (first week up at the top) was pretty solid and included a full day off after the weekend's festivities at White Lake.  I had some good workouts in there but my week ended on a pretty sore note (pun intended; very intended) when I was involved in a collision while near the end of my bike ride on Sunday morning.  Long story short, I was 90% ok but discovered upon arriving at home and showering that the injury to my chin needed some stitches.  So, I went and got some.

This picture doesn't really quite do the wound justice, but upon discovering the gaping (exaggeration) wound in my chin I quickly realized I couldn't just let this one lie.  What it meant was that I didn't run later that day (run totals a bit low that week) and that I didn't swim until Thursday of this most recent week.

I'm pleased to be getting in some good, consistent training and hopefully this next week will put together three solid sports' worth of training.

I've hammered out my upcoming schedule pretty well and I'm pretty excited about it:

June 2 - NC Open Water swim Champs (possibly the 3k but most likely the 5k)

June 9 - Tri Latta (IOS NCTS) sprint (even though I think this course sucks; the convenience is too good to pass)

June 17th - SC TT state champs

July 8th - NC TT state champs

July 14th - Triangle Triathlon (IOS NCTS) sprint (maybe, maybe not)

July 29th - Giant Eagle (5150 series) olympic (first BIG race.  Meaning "pro" race.  Meaning I'm gonna get my ass kicked race).

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