Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to the jungle

Well, well...the ol' blog master has been absent of late, hasn't he?  Yes, I am referring to myself of course.  Because that's what all triathlon blogs are: discussions of yourself and how totally awesome you are.  Whether it be quirky, thoughtful, crazy, or whatever, blogs are an exercise in self-promotion.

My attempt at being artsy. Sand is awesome. As long as it isn't where it shouldn't be!
I digress, but I've always found blogging to be an interesting exercise.  When I first started this one I was beginning my foray into running and it's pretty amusing to go back and see what I found interesting enough to write about way back in the day.  I like it because in some ways it's cathartic; it helps me think through things that have been on my mind and analyze events (of any kind,  not limited solely to races) better than I can in my head.  Anyway, on to the more important matters of a little update!
The abode in AL

Talk about a sunset!
When last I left you, my faithful reader, I was coming to the end of a long (really long) "offseason" and was about to start running a good bit.  In the three weeks since I've put in a hair under 150 miles and I really should have had a good bit more.  My second week I missed a long run of 90 minutes on Christmas day that I just couldn't get out the door to do (that plus we traveled from NOLA to the beach made matters a bit more complicated) so that would have been ~12 miles.  This week I had a lot of inertia holding me up at the beginning of the week and missed out on some miles.  It's unfortunate to miss workouts but I've learned it's not the end of the world.  I would like to have those miles in my legs but I have plenty of time to get in some good miles in the upcoming months.  I ran a good bit, swam a tiny bit and biked a bit.  All in all, the three weeks weren't so bad as they included three very awesome things:

1) My 27th birthday on December 19th
2) Christmas, duh!
3) A visit from this girl, which was spectacular.

We also went skydiving (a first for me, not for her) and hopefully at some point I'll have some video of that RIDICULOUSLY awesome experience.

Now that I've gotten my first real schedule of 2012, it looks like I really am going to get back in shape.  For the past 2+ months I've felt a bit aimless, soft, and generally unfit but that will soon be changing.  I will spend most of January in Gulf Shores, AL doing some work on my family's beach house so it will be interesting to train down there.  Not varied, but warmer for sure.

I'm bad about putting pictures in to blogs, so hopefully I can make up for it a bit this time...

This little guy was in the Gulf Shores pool locker room.  What's up little man?!

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