Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Running more, faster...is good!

S - 8700 yards
B - 184.8 miles
R - 66.2 miles

T - 20.3 hours

This week saw some rather haphazard training.  I drove from New Orleans to Charlotte on Friday and was only able to run that day and the weather was crappy on the weekend so my bike volume again suffered.  Sub 200 miles/week is not acceptable!!  The run miles, however, are awesome so I'm pleased with that.  I haven't run this much in two weeks since 2009 I think.

This next week my nose will go further to the grindstone.  No more distractions of driving between NOLA and Gulf Shores; no more pansying about with my swimming; no more excuses.  My training has been acceptable these past 3 weeks, that's it.  Now it's time to make it more better.  Swimming will see a jump and biking will see a big jump.

I haven't yet, but I'm probably signing up for a bike race on Saturday: the Triangle Velo Winter Speedway Series.  The course is a .4mi banked oval and I can race in the Pro/1/2/3 for 60 minutes or the 3/4 for 50 minutes... The question is whether I really want to destroy myself and try and hang on for the workout or win some cash and get some points (presumably, if I can stay in and win).

Decisions decisions...

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