Monday, October 18, 2010


S: 12,000 yards
B: 103 mi
R: 35 mi

Time: 13.9 hours

Switched into the next gear with swimming this week as each of the five swims added 2400 yards to the log.  That'll be the gold standard for the next two weeks as well before (hopefully) shifting another gear and making my way up to 14k/week for the month of November.  Long term goal is to be up around 20k/week before really getting into the triathlon season next spring (whenever it may start!).  I know it's a lot, but if I want to be competitive near the front of the amateur ranks I need to take it up another notch.

The only bike time I logged this week was in Sunday's Tour de el Amigo (verbose recap on its way for tomorrow!!).  This is an sort-of annual ride that works a lot like the Saturday shootout (sprint points, KOM points) but also adds the eating/drinking challenge at mile 70 when we get to El Amigo.  It was a fun time and a good ride and in all honesty I wasn't nearly as fatigued at the end of the ride as I thought I'd be.  I had been worried my bike fitness tailed off rather sharply post-Louisville but it appears to still be lingering.

Didn't do much in the way of workouts this week when it came to running since I wanted to recover from Triple-T as well as possible.  That being said, I ran 5 days in the week and that included one double so the 6 total runs meant this week was perfectly average.  Next week the mileage will bump up to 40 and by December I'd like to consistently be in the 50 miles/week range with a potential attempt to bump it up to 60-70 miles/week for a little bit just to see how it feels leading into an early half-marathon (Corporate Cup?).


Nick White said...

jkh, where do you swim?

- Nick W

James said...

Dowd Y 99% of the time. .5%MAC and .5% Lake Norman