Monday, September 13, 2010

Two weeks at once!!

Aug 30 - Sept 5
S: 2100 yds
B: 119 mi
R: 14 mi

Time: 8.5

Not much to report from this week; I was just trying to get over feeling sorry for myself and for Andrew and how our respective races went in Louisville.  The nice thing about DNF'ing an Ironman is that there is way less recovery time than if I had gone the full 140.6 so consequently I was able to start running (although I didn't run until Friday).  I also started HR training this week after a 2 year absence at the recommendation of Nick and with my strong support.  I need to become more efficient and consistent with runs that are actually "easy" (<160bpm) and drop those paces down as opposed to running in the gray zone of 7:10/mi pace but it would actually be more difficult.

Sept 6 - Sept 12
S: 10,000 yds
B: 123 mi
R: 25 mi

Time: 12.5 hrs

Some super sweet consistency in the swimming department this week.  I've committed myself to swimming 5 days a week but I've also told myself that I only have to get in 2000 each time. So that makes me more consistent.  Consistency is good.

I've also switched to only doing 2 bike rides a week (with the possibility of a bonus third if time and weather permits...) with this week including the IOS ride on Tuesday and the Shootout on Saturday.  I felt pretty bad on Tuesday and almost puked on myself and felt slightly better but almost equally puke-tastic on Saturday.

Running was also very good by the end of the week.  I'm going to try and consistently run at least 5-6 times per week.  Right now that my mileage is low that means only 3-4 miles average per run but as the mileage gets back up to respectable numbers it will be much more normal.  Normal is good.

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