Monday, September 27, 2010

Some awesome stuff!!!

S: 10,000 yds
B: 123 mi
R: 35 mi

Time: 13.8 hrs

Another consistent week of swimming.  Sometimes I wonder why I do triathlons; "Shouldn't it get boring and old at some point?" I say to myself.  But every single time I stand on that pool deck looking into the murky waters of the Dowd YMCA and my soon to be lane partner that resembles a whale/drowning victim/middle-of-the-lane-swimmer I tell myself - with conviction - that "swimming is the greatest thing in the entire world."  No, it isn't always glamorous and sexy.  Well, for other people that may be the case I suppose but for me it is always glamorous.  And sexy.  My goggles manage to look trendy and fashionable while others seem to look goofy and awkward.  I make walking around in jammers look like it was supposed to look: deadly.  Did he say deadly?  Maybe he meant deathly...  No, I meant deadly because one look at my sweet Speedo jammers and you realize how close natural selection is to happening to everyone else in the pool area.

I had two hard efforts on the bike this week; one being the Lowe's 10 mile time trial and the other being the Saturday Shootout.  I had pretty high expectations for the Lowe's TT as last year I managed a 21:28 for the 10 miles but felt like I left a lot on the table and I feel like I'm 100x better shape this year so needless to say, a fast time was expected.  I was hoping to be around 20:40 (~29 mph) but with the horribly windy conditions (it honestly wasn't so much the pace of the wind itself but where - on the course - it was doing the damage) I only managed a 21:37 (27.75 mph).  While my time wasn't that great, it looks as though my placing (top10) was decent enough.  The Saturday shootout was also a lot of fun, albeit with only four people instead of the usual 20+.  With so many racing this weekend it was down to just me, Scott, Watkins and Kerry to beat each other up a little bit.

A lot of consistency in my running this week; I actually ran 8 times (2 doubles) to get to 35 miles so that's a stellar average!  I did three "workouts:" 6 miles @ 160 bpm (7:03 pace on a hilly route), 8x100 meter strides, and 8 miles @ 160 bpm (6:50 pace on a flat course).  All in all, a solid week.

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