Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big week yo

So this week marked this first of 4 big weeks in my main block of training leading up to B2B... I set career highs in hours spent training (in a week) and long ride distance/time.

S: 13,050
B: 208.6
R: 37

19.7 hours

This week my IT band has really been bothering me so to accommodate that issue I substituted a swim for every other run, thereby reducing my volume running (while still hitting my key session) and hopefully making the IT more manageable. I also got my first massage ever on Saturday, which was awesome albeit a little bit of a weird experience (not used to cute girls asking me to take my shorts off - surprising I know!) and that will also (hopefully) keep my IT issues manageable.

So my swim volume was a lot higher this week and I felt GREAT in the pool all week...I'm not sure if those two go hand in hand but if I respond well to higher volume then bring it on! I've also pretty much started doing flip turns exclusively, which may not sound like a big deal but it makes me look WAYYY more pro in the pool which is a big part of being fast. If you look fast, you are fast, period.

Running was obviously hit and miss. I got in my long run on Tuesday of 18 miles and that's all that really matters, simply put. Now I've just got to make it through the next three long runs (20, 22, and 24) and I'll be ready to race (or jog slowly) the marathon portion of B2B.

My cycling fitness has also felt spectacular for the past 2 weeks; ever since my 102 miler I've been on a big wave of feel-goodness on the bike. The long ride (121 miles) on Sunday was no exception. I felt strong and steady throughout and even though I was definitely tired and ready to be done around the 5 hour mark I knew that I had to git'r'done and finish strong. So I'm excited and hopeful that trend continues.

Next week will see a couple of tests: the 20 mile long run on Tuesday (which I plan on doing at Mcalpine), the last Lowe's TT on Wednesday night (where I hope to break my own age group record and mayyybe go under 21 minutes but that's a stretch) and the 120 mile ride on Sunday (I'm scheduled for 120 but I wouldn't mind getting in 130...that will depend on a number of things, the least of which is how much of a bada** I feel like on Sunday).

I'm starting to get a little excited... 1/4 big weeks finished!

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