Tuesday, July 28, 2015

So, this is just filler

A lot of people I know are currently in the throes of passion as it regards to their feelings surrounding their late season fall races.  They're still deeply in love with the thought that they have an IM (I'm just going to use that as my example here as it works better for my storyline) scheduled 8-12 weeks from now (say, Wisconsin to B2B) and the endless possibilities that event presents them in their mind sends little tingling goosebumps down their arms and the back of their neck.

It are those thoughts that currently buoy your spirits and push you through each day. You don't think about the - let's say - 11 weeks of training you have before race day. You don't think, maybe, about those races you have in between that are probably going to suck and you'll get to say stuff like:

"Well I'm training for IM so this is just a "B" race."
"I've lost all my short-course speed!"
"I didn't taper so I'm really tired!"
"Whoa that 100 mile bike ride yesterday really deadened my legs for the 5k today."

But no, you don't worry about that right now.  Right now, you're sitting there and maybe drinking some coffee.  Maybe you're at your work desk and you're staring down the barrel of a pretty ho-hum day (or maybe it's a crazy day) with that thought nestled in the back of your head that in a relatively short period of time you are going to show yourself and everyone around you what you're really made of.  Your colleagues at work may not really care or understand and that's ok.

But these moments in time are important. Because as race day gets closer (say, late August) it certainly won't get any "easier."  You will be more tired, you will be more irritable, you may have a new baby, etc.

But support yourself with that vision you almost certainly have of your race. See yourself crossing the finish line, fatigued but exalting in your own excellence.  Hopefully you were patient on the bike and had a good run!

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