Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Post # 429

Blogging. It's a bit self-aggrandizing to be honest. As if, in writing a blog, I am telling the world that my voice somehow matters MORE than others.  The very act of creating, writing and publicizing a blog is a play to one's own vanity.

I read a lot of blogs. I find it onerous making my way through some of them.  Race reports, training updates, drama issues, etc. It becomes a bit much. Some never update theirs, so what's the point? Some people only post when something good happens, or when something bad happens.  They "forget" about a bad race and only talk about the good ones.

I blog every week. I think I've been blogging every week (admittedly missing a week here and there) for several years.  As regular as, know.

So when I read posts like this I cringe. Admittedly, the original poster is what we, on the internets, call a TROLL. He posts stuff simply for the purpose of being antagonistic.

I like that his ear is pierced
Why do I blog? As much as I try not to feed the troll, I cannot help it. I get defensive. I think some people assume I blog because I like hearing myself talk.  Or maybe I blog because I am relatively good at triathlon/exercising and therefore my opinion matters more...

Let's go back in time a bit, shall we?

Here is my first ever blog post from back in August of 2007.  That was the beginning.  You can tell I am pretty young (23).  I am extremely new to running. I am not writing because I think anybody will read it (for the record a total of 5 people viewed that blog when it was originally written).

I wrote it because writing is cathartic. I write because I enjoy it. It helps me think through stuff. It helps.

Sure, it's also a platform for offering my opinion on stuff...but you get the good with the bad ;) (although obviously all of my opinions are the right ones)

I just LIKE writing. So, sorry for inundating you with blog posts this week. If you blog, why? Do you do it because you feel like you "have" to? Because all triathletes seem to have a blog? Do you do it to track a journey? Mark your path? See from whence you've come and where you're going?

If you write, I'll probably read it. I like your story. Generally speaking anyway. Life is just acquisition of memories. Blogging preserves memories.

Blog more. Whine less. Git r dun.

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Jenny Leiser said...

Because it is the left ear?