Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What's up?

4.28 - 5.04
Swim - 16,500 yards
Bike - 181 miles
Run - 21.5 miles
Time - 16.3 hours

5.05 - 5.11
Swim - 6,500 yards
Bike - 279 miles
Run - 20.1 miles
Time - 18.99 hours

Store stop of champions

Let's see, what has happened these past two weeks? Well, a lot of the story can be told by embedding videos.  Less writing more watching.  Always a good deal, right?

Huntersville Sprint from James Haycraft on Vimeo.

IOS Sledge from James Haycraft on Vimeo.

A2 Wind Tunnel apparel + helmet testing from James Haycraft on Vimeo.

Morganton Loop 5-11-14 from James Haycraft on Vimeo.

Some things that happened that I didn't video about:

The CMS 10mi TT (number 2 of 6) was last Wednesday the 7th.  I had a fast time and placed well overall in spite of lower watts than I anticipated.

A group of us went up and enjoyed a spectacular ride in the mountains this past Sunday.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  I felt pretty good throughout and paced well enough to go as hard as I wanted to the last couple of climbs, namely Shulls Mill and the climb back up the BRP to Linn Cove.

Still no races on the schedule for a bit as I continue to heal fully.  My lower back is still having some issues and as a consequence (and very visible in the training numbers) my running and swimming have been inconsistent or consistently low.  I feel fit on the bike, but that's about it.

See you out there!

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jason howard said...

Hi James how's it going. Great efforts at the speedway recently I'm really impressed. I'd love to be racing the series but have permanently f'd up my pubis joint. Well anyway to the point. I'm going to offer you $1,000 dollars to ride my wheel "the churner" at the speedway. If you accept I can send you a check, you can then cash it and see that it won't bounce. Well anyway happy spring and happy racing


ps this is not a joke I will pay 1000 dollars and do have the money