Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some stones are best left...turned

I was thinking about this yesterday after YET ANOTHER example of what I consider to be completely unacceptable male behavior.  I say "male behavior" because this "stone" is one I have only experienced around other dudes.  I have never had the great mis-fortune (or maybe it can be fortunate? I suppose it depends) to experience this among the ladies.

I am speaking to the locker room behavior of guys.  Altogether too often I have been forced to have conversations with a naked dude.  Some guys seem to think it is appropriate to converse with my while standing completely nude.  Chattering away like some sort of weird naked chatter box while I am forced to look everywhere but down does NOT make for a pleasant conversation.

There are situations where nudity and conversations is somewhat "acceptable." If you and I are changing clothes and conversing about something and, as it so happens, during the course of that conversation nudity happens due to the changing of the clothes than that is a perfectly acceptable case of "nude convo."

Those types of situations are innocent and as a consequence not regarded as a breaking of the James Nudity Law.  What are NOT innocent, however, are the face to face interactions where one person (or one side of the conversation) is completely nude.

What's even more incredible is when the person has a towel, but refused to use it to cover themselves.  The towel is placed over a shoulder while the hands are placed on the hips and the conversation is about some mundane topic and all I want to say is "PUT YOUR DAMN TOWEL ON!"

It's almost like a challenge. Maybe the other guy is challenging me to look down.  Saying (with his eyes): "I DARE you to look down. I'm talking about baseball but I am DARING you to look below my nose."

Let's all change this behavior.  Modesty is appreciated. I don't need or WANT to see full frontal male nudity during a conversation. I'm not avoiding you, it's just rude.

Challenge the norm. Don't let things be kept down just because they aren't talked about. Don't leave stones unturned. Turn those b*tches over and look at what's underneath.

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