Sunday, February 24, 2013

Monday through Thursday

Feb 11-17
S - 20,600 yards
B - 29 miles (1 mtb ride)
R - 37 miles
Time - 13.47 hours

My week of training existed wholly between Monday morning and Thursday evening.  By mid-day Thursday I could tell something was a little "off" and Friday morning brought with it a pathetic excuse for a swim and a no-work-I'm-sick day.  Saturday was the worst, with sinuses crammed shut and a throat that refused to cooperate.  Sunday was a little better but I still didn't work out at all this weekend+.  So it was a negative end to what would have been a very positive week.  I was on track to improve last week's numbers but unfortunately fell about half-way short.

All that being said, there are worse things... I don't get sick particularly often; in fact, only twice that I can remember in the past 4+ years.  Oh well, onto next week.

Feb 18-24
S - 12,600 yards
B - 127.8 miles
R - 53.9 miles
Time - 16.81 hours

Unfortunately the sickness kept me mostly out of commission for the first couple days of the week as well.  I was pretty lack luster in terms of awesomeness this week.  Now before you ask...yes, this is different than most weeks.  My usual self is a fountain of epic-ness.  'Twas not to be.  I'm still producing a whole lot of snot, which is pretty disgusting.  Not awesome.  Disgusting.

On a fun note, my replacement 2013 P3 frameset arrived this week and I put it together in spurts over several days.  One of the great things about working in the back at IOS is all the knowledge that is back there.  Greg knows more about Cervelos than just about anyone else out there I'd imagine.  If there is a fix for something, he knows it.  Learning from him and Steve over the past year about working on bikes has been extremely helpful in many ways.  While I may be the "Bike Manager" my role is primarily involved in talking about bikes, bike equipment and anything involving bikes as well as fitting people on said bikes.  Working on bikes was (fortunately, and potentially BECAUSE it's me...) not in the ol' j.o.b. description.   Anyway, I digress.  I put it together and it looks positively MEAN.

Now, tell me honest, does that not look spectacular? I, for one, am a huge fan of the new 2013 colors that Cervelo offers.  Obviously, an opinion is an opinion, but mine is worth more than doubt.  Just kiddinggggg!! ;)

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