Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Training Totals update

Due to travel and general lack of awesome stuff happening on a daily basis (as is the norm with yours truly) the past two weeks have gone unnoticed on the blog front.  I find this generally unacceptable.

In two weeks I've roughly done this:

Swim - 38,000 yards
Bike - 100 something miles
Run - 45ish miles

The noteworthy item there is obviously the swimming.  Two weeks ago my total was 16k for the week (in 5 swims) and last week it was a hair under 22k in 5 swims.  I'm getting a feeling back for the water, which is good because Brian sent me an email last week with the innocent question:

Hey, for my own curiosity I was wonder how many days a week COULD you swim and which days you could swim twice?

Thank you,


I added the last line there for effect.  Hopefully bumping well over 20k/week for some time will help me bring the pain in swim workouts and races! One can only hope...

I also turned 28 last week, I drove home for Christmas and am about to eat dinner.

That pretty much sums it up; merry Christmas everyone!

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