Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Race week!

S - 14,400 yards
B - 188.7 miles
R - 47.5 miles
Time - 19.64 hours

Not much to report this week.  I was pretty tired all week and Sunday involved a missed workout and 3-4 hours of sleeping in the afternoon.  It was both awesome and terrible at the same time.  Mixed feelings of guilt and refreshing-ness warred within my poor mind.

Big deal of the week is going to be Rev3 SC, which will be my second attempt at embarrassing myself in a professional field.  The race looks to be very competitive, the weather looks to be chilly, and it will hopefully be a lot of awesome.  I don't really have any expectations other than to do my best.  That may sound cheesy and contrived but it's really true; I have NO idea what to expect from this race.

Am I fast? Yea, sure.  Have I trained more these past two years than most elite AGers and some pros?  Yea, probably.  Do I have a smart coach?  I think so, but he sure can talk yer ear off sometimes.  Is my equipment sufficient? I have the best wetsuit money can buy, one of the most aerodynamic bikes and positions out there, and my running shoes are just as good as anyone else's.  Am I smart? Mixed responses on that one.

Anyway, on paper I should do just fine.  No, I won't win (gasp!).  But I think I can duke it out with some of the back of the top 10-15 guys at the race.  I haven't raced a hilly half ever (Augusta doesn't count) and I haven't raced a half in very close to a year, so it'll be an interesting experience!

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