Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fake or natural; you be the judge...

S - 16,300 yards
B - 255.9 miles
R - 51.8 miles
Time - 23.89 hours

My favorite part of this week, other than doing a lot of GTWD, was my 15 minute change that affected my hydrodynamics, my aerodynamics, my weight, my homeostasis, and my looks.  This one change even costs under 20 bucks! What, you ask, is this amazing remedy to so many issues?  I got a haircut.  Boom.

I probably hadn't gotten a haircut in almost half a year.  To be honest, I'm not really sure when my last haircut was... It had gotten to the point where it looked like this (actually, it was much longer and more bad than that...)

Then, it got longer and even more blond(er?).  People kept asking if I had highlighted my hair but I swore that I had not...just a lot of playing outside and in the pool...

The haircut on Saturday made my afternoon.  It also made my Sunday workouts much easier.  I was cooler, I was more aero, I was lighter, I was faster, I was far better looking... Although not as good looking as Zac Efron :(

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