Monday, June 25, 2012

2 weeks of pictures and awesome

6/11 - 6/17
S - 12,900 yds
B - 136 mi
R - 48.4 mi
Time - 16.58 hrs

6/18 - 6/24
S - 5,700 yds
B - 272.2 mi
R - 16.2 mi
Time - 19.27 hrs

Well these have been two interesting weeks for sure.  I'll tell the story mostly with pictures.  I headed out to Santa Barbara on the 13th for a week-ish of Moose-time, who graduated that Saturday, got back on the 21st and headed to the mountains this past Saturday and Sunday.  While in SB, I sprained my ankle pretty severely on the 19th and didn't run again until this weekend.  Hence the low running miles.  

Hope Ranch, getting dropped (seriously)
First ever horseback ride
Great living quarters for the weekend
Coolest movie theater ever
No comment
Beautiful sunset on the Pacific
On to the mountains of NC
So true
Fixing a flat 
There may or may not be peeing involved in this photo
A couple of gravel roads for our ''enjoyment'' Saturday!
Tee hee
The best kind of barrel
The ride left a mark on some...
A ginormous log of fudge
Scott is lucky we tolerate his alternative lifestyle

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