Monday, April 23, 2012

Collegiate Nationals 2012

This week was a bit of a wash in terms of training for me.  I had a great early week's workouts, most notably the IOS ride on Tuesday in which I managed to crush myself on some pulls and not get crushed too much by other people's pulls.  Other than that, my travel to Tuscaloosa, AL took precedence over working out for me.  I haven't been as consistent this year as last year (entirely my own fault) but the big weeks have certainly been much bigger and I'm certainly in better shape than this time last year.  So I don't feel TOO bad about missing out on a weekend.  Last year I crashed and took basically 2 weeks off so I just gots to stay rubber-side down this year!  Anyway, I digress...

I headed down to Atlanta on Wednesday night to cut my drive in half and get some bonus time with Jeremy.  When I got there we spent a significant amount of time reminiscing on our college years before going to sleep.  We both woke up early before Jeremy headed off to do lawyer-ish things at work (such as watching movies, apparently!) and I hopped in the man-van to complete my drive to Alabama.

I arrived at the Warren abode before noon and for the next two days proceeded to cart Moose all over the place for race prep. I did my job well and we experienced little to no hiccups before race day.

The race was a successful one for all FFT members, whether they really feel that way or not.  To get 5 spots in the top 10 between men and women is pretty impressive, although FFT's recruiting methods certainly help in that respect.  It was great for me to see the talent that is on show at Collegiate Nationals.  Top 10 all being under 2 hours on that course (for men) is really impressive.

For me, it's time to get back into a rhythm of working, sleeping and training.  It's time to get back to my consistent ways that have made me a (relatively) fast triathlete.  There is a lot of racing coming up in the next two weekends so I am excited to go fast!

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