Monday, March 19, 2012

This one isn't interesting

Swim: 14.5k yards
Bike: 248.5 miles
Run: 41.4 miles

Time: 22.04 hours

Well, I honestly feel as though I worked out very little this week.  With the way my schedule now works, it's typically a morning workout prior to 8-9am and a late afternoon workout around 5-6pm.  That kind of spacing makes morning workouts feel like yesterday's workouts.  It's pretty awesome.  I'm also now going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking up at what was a heretofore unreasonable hour.  I like the regularity.  The consistency.  The predictability.  I haven't been watching much TV.  I've been playing zero video games.  It may sound crazy, but it's been fun!

This was my first attempt at making a sports-related video and I definitely learned a lot.  The clips were too long, the music transitions too abrupt, not enough change of views, etc.  Next time will be better.

I'd also like to direct any readers to the lady girl's blog as she does a great job of recounting our trip together in Tucson.  My redirect serves several purposes

1) It makes me look awesome...look at that picture of me! I'm so good looking.
2) It makes me look patient (specifically on Mt Lemmon), which I obviously am, of course
3) It's a better told story than any of mine
4) It's a girl.  People always prefer reading girls' blogs.  They're way less threatening.  I know that I'm intimidating to all of you; you don't have to tell me!

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