Monday, February 13, 2012

Arizona bound!

S - 16,100 yards
B - 260.4 miles
R - 45.7 miles

Time - 24.37 hours

Despite feeling sort of all over the map this week I managed to come out the rear end with a pretty strong showing.  Run miles were down a good bit but I also had 2 days of no running, which is something that hasn't happened in over four weeks.  This whole week I was really just excited to be going to Tucson on Friday morning so it was all basically leading up to that!

I arrived in Tucson on Friday afternoon, excited to meet Moose at the airport and later meet Brian for the first time (despite having been in "an open relationship" for over a year...I mean coaching relationship).  Funny story: when Moose and I went to swim at this pool that afternoon
I quickly realized that I had left my suit at home.  This left me with three options:

1) Swim in the way too big and way too saggy speedo in the lost and found.  Trust me, nobody would have liked that.
2) Swim in the shorts that I wore to the pool (baggy, "athletic" shorts with big ol' pockets)
3) Not swim

I tried option 1 and decided it was a bad idea then temporarily contemplated option 3 before deciding I'd feel better about myself if I went through door number 2.  So I did a pretty meager swim (although my arms were toast due to the incredible drag the shorts produced) and had only boxers and a towel to wear out of the pool.  Moose and I drove to Brian's house to meet up with him and his girlfriend for dinner and I knocked on the door, which was answered by Brian wearing a towel having just gotten out of the shower.  Too funny.  Maybe he'd prefer it if I didn't tell that story but oh well, worth it.

I'll finish the main part of this blog by saying that beginning in the first week of March I'll be trying to fill in for Bob's shoes at Inside Out Sports in Charlotte.  He's heading off on another adventure and it seemed like a really good fit for me to make a move toward a job that's more time consuming but also still flexible enough to allow me to pretend to be a good triathlete all while working at my favorite store for my favorite "brand."  Anyway, that was some big news in my life that has heretofore gone unannounced (although it's very recent).

Now for some pics!

Moose riding too hard for me

McCain Loop, a cyclists' favorite

Mountains everywhere

A cereal bar; how totally awesome?!

Kelly and Moose somewhere near the end of a road

Same, but looking back towards Tucson

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