Friday, November 4, 2011

Racing Review of 2011

2011 Races - for each of these I'll list some of the first things I think about when I remember that race and one split that I really like...

2.27 - Donaldson Center Road Race - 1st place Cat 4

Nervous, first road race in FOREVER.  Got in a breakaway, did most of the work, in the lead with 1/2mi to go and nobody came around me.  Surprisingly HOT for February.

3.13 - Blythewood Omnium Circuit Race - 1st place Cat 4

This race wasn't nearly as difficult; surprisingly easy to win.  Got the final points necessary for a Cat 3 upgrade.  Excited to one day get enough for a 2!

3.27 - Cool Breeze Triathlon - 6th OA

Pretty forgettable.  Horrible bike ride on borrowed Fletch-mobile with two dropped chains.  Head wasn't in it but had a decent run. 17:51 5k, not bad.

4.17 - New Orleans 69.1 - 5th AG 34th OA

Nothing bad to say about this one.  It was well-executed for both the bike and the run.  Probably the race I'm most satisfied with this year; really wish I had gotten to swim.  That was frustrating. 11minute half-ironman run PR (1:21:XX)

5.1   - May Day Biathlon - 1st OA

Set a new 5k PR (race was a 5k run, 35ish k bike) of 16:32 on an accurate, flat course.  Got a good gap and rode hard to take the victory.  Some of the old guard of NC was there (Sonni Dyer and Jay Curwen), good to compete against them.

5.7   - White Lake Half - 5th OA

Dealing with some major blister problems this week; good bike but bad run.  Struggled to hold it together.  Another canceled swim. Same (exact) watts as NOLA for a 2:16:low vs 2:16:high.

6.11 - Tri Latta - 3rd OA

Decent swim but dealt with those dang timing chip issues that plagued me during the summer! Good bike as well, rode with Donny most of the way for the top two fastest bike times that course has ever seen.  Not a great run and didn't have the legs to duke it out with Scott for 2nd place. 40:01 or so for the bike.

6.14 - Summer Track Series 5k - 3rd OA

Wanted to go sub 16:30, went 16:35 mostly solo instead.  Jay and Paul (and me) plus a couple of other guys took it out a little to slow for a fast time (for me anyway).  Time trialed the rest of the way, stayed pretty consistent.

7.16 - Stumpy Creek International - 3rd OA

Bad swim (timing chip meltdown), ok bike (if I hadn't had to get off the bike and stretch my hamstring at mile one I would probably remember this ride better), very good run.  Almost 5 minutes faster on the same run course versus last year (35:5x vs 40:xx, which admittedly was a terrible run...).

7.17 - Amica 19.7 at Stumpy Creek - 1st OA

Good swim, good bike (minus computer falling off), ran in the lead and just mailed it in; I was RIDICULOUSLY sore after Saturday's race. Umm, don't have a good split in mind haha. Swim probably.

8.20 - Age Group Nationals - 22nd AG

Pretty good swim minus some sighting issues, very good bike (15th fastest OA and left some watts on the table), miserable run.  No spark in the ol' leggies from the get-go. 59:00 40k on a fairly hard course.

9.10 - Best of the US Amateur Championship - 5th OA

Fantastic swim (3rd out of the water in a wetsuit legal swim not wearing a wetsuit, thanks Blue Seventy!), ok bike, ok run.  Really remember this as a "solid" race.  Nothing spectacular, just a good race. 58:20ish 40k.

9.25 - Augusta 70.3 - Not sure

Complete meltdown.  This picture is at some point during my 28 minute mile 2 split... Most memorable split was the 28 minutes it took to get from mile 1 to mile 2! Awesome!

10.8 - Myrtle Beach Triathlon - 1st OA

Good swim, good bike, very good run.  Other than NOLA, I'd say this was my best race.  Felt like I was floating on the run and in my head could have switched into another gear if I had been challenged.  Qualified for my pro card at this race. Went through 10k in about 35 flat.  Next year will hopefully see some 34:xx times?!

10.29 - Beach to Battleship Half7th OA

Ok swim, "ehh" bike, "ehh" run.  Incredibly tough conditions on the bike with ridiculous headwinds, tried to go for it on the run and just didn't have the gas.  Residual sickness may have played a factor; who knows? 2:29:xx bike split is the slowest half split I've ridden since NOLA 2009 (my first triathlon...)!!!

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