Monday, October 3, 2011


S - 14,300 yards
B - 197.1 miles
R - 34.5 miles

Time - 17.87 hours

This week started off with a bang, and by bang I mean two days off (in a row).  It was good to rest up and recover after the debacle that was Augusta.  While it's no consolation, a lot of people didn't have great days at the race so it was "good" to not be alone.  Definitely no consolation to those people either.  Augusta just reinforced that a really good race is about making a lot of very small, seemingly insignificant good decisions (both before and during the race) and a bad race is a series of small, seemingly insignificant bad decisions.  While it sounds logical and/or rational (and dare I say it, obvious), a LOT of people forget that (myself obviously included).

On Saturday I race down in Myrtle Beach at the International that is being held in conjunction with the Elite Series race (and Halfmax).  The distance sets up well for me with a 1000m swim, 28 mile bike and 6.55 mile run so I hope to do well.  I'm racing in the "Elite Amateur Prize Money Division," which will likely only include myself judging by how many people have even heard of this race.  More than likely, however, I will come in dead last.  But if dead last is fast, I couldn't care less about my placing.  My second to last race of the year and then I hop on a plane and head out west for some much looked-forward-to hangout time and workout time.  Boom.

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