Monday, July 11, 2011

SB Part 2

S - 9600 yards
B - 239.6 miles
R - 38.7 miles

Time - 22.74 hours

This week started off with me feeling a bit sluggish, but luckily we celebrated July 4th with a trip to 6 Flags in Valencia.  To put it mildly, it was awesome.  One might expect an amusement park to be crowded and miserable on July 4th but after an hour or so the crowds dissipated (many discouraged due to the high temperatures) and we basically had our way with the rides.  We went on almost all of them and the best one twice.  I felt funny once I went to sleep that night as my head was still looping around and spinning as I was laying there... My running and biking legs felt like they took a little nap from Monday through Wednesday but luckily by Thursday they seemed to be back in action.

I felt very strong on the bike Friday-Sunday, which was good since on Friday Moose and I did Gibraltar (~7mi climb up to ~4000 ft, one that Lance is said to frequent during Tour prep), on Saturday we did a loop out to Solvang and back of 4+ hours and then Sunday I did Gibraltar again solo but this trip was timed...

My running and swimming volume were definitely a bit low this week, a fact I'll contribute to a bout of laziness and a bout of fatigue.  Maybe those two go hand in hand for me? Unfortunately (very unfortunately), I hop on the plane back to CLT tomorrow afternoon and leave this all behind :(

The consolation is that I get to race twice next weekend, at Stumpy International and Stumpy Sprint!  The doubled points race on Saturday looks like it is going to be one of the more stacked fields in an NCTS race so it will be interesting to see how low down I finish!!

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