Sunday, January 9, 2011

Last week on my own

S: 19,000 yds
B: 51 mi
R: 27 mi

Time: 12.5 hrs

Not much to say about this week other than the fact that I got some really good swimming in during my 6 sessions at the pool.  This is the most I've swam in about a year and my shoulders and arms felt pretty good!  My times haven't necessarily gotten a whole lot faster in that year but I do most of the swims on much shorter intervals.  For example, looking at a workout from about a year ago, I did 100 set on a 1:40 interval - usually coming in around 1:15-1:16? - and now I do 100s (mostly) on 1:25 intervals and come in between 1:13-1:15.  That's progress.  It takes about as long as "Titanic" but the end result will be equally spectacular.

Starting Monday of next week, I'll be receiving all of my workouts from Brian Stover of Accelerate3 coaching.  As I've mentioned before, I've always wanted the coach and feel like it's in my best interests to make this as serious a pursuit as I can.  If I want to reach the level that I want then I need to focus everything on trying to achieve that.  If it means I don't have much of a social life that's fine, because I didn't have much of one before now!  If it means that I have to make myself wake up early in the morning that's fine too, because waking up early as fun, right?? (That one will take some work).

Luckily I have very supportive friends and family and now an extremely knowledgeable and elite coach.  What could be better?  That's rhetorical, people.

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