Monday, August 23, 2010

Last week of taper

S: 4000 yds
B: 63 mi
R: 24 mi

Time: 7.4 hours

Well this week marks my lowest training volume of the year!! Wooo hooooo the wait is finally almost over; while it hasn't exactly been a pleasant taper I think that's par for the course.  Not much to report in terms of training this week but I've begun to feel like I have more energy and I felt pretty strong on the bike on Saturday (not great but strong) so I'm hoping that I continue to feel fresher and fresher as race day quickly approaches. 

Some interesting things to note from this week:

1) Scott absolutely DESTROYED Timberman 70.3 on Sunday, coming in 3rd in 25-29 with a 4:20:xx so he and I will really be able to push each other to go faster next year, something I'm pretty excited about.
2) I got 11 hours of sleep on Thursday night (didn't go to bed that late either) and still felt tired the next couple of days
3) I've been waiting for this week for 10 months and I am still not excited/nervous (as of Monday, but that will likely change soon!)
4) I cannot wait for fall weather

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