Monday, April 12, 2010

A year ago...

S: 6700
B: 226
R: 29

T: 17 hrs

A year ago I had just competed in my first triathlon.  On the first weekend in April of 2009 I successfully finished and "raced" New Orleans 70.3 and was completely and utterly exhausted.  I remember using words like "how do people do 2 of those in a ROW??" and "oh my god that's the hardest thing I've ever done!"  While they were both true and accurate representations of my feelings at the time, much has changed in the past year.  Just how much will be seen next Sunday.

Didn't get in much swimming but managed to fit in a good open water swim with Kevin down in Lake Wylie on Wednesday.  I was very happy to swim once in the lake before the race on Sunday as it helps you remember things you might have forgotten otherwise.  Like, make sure to put on body glide at key rub areas (neck!) otherwise you will get a massive wetsuit hickey on race-day.

Lots of good bike miles this week as well, with 220+ miles coming in 4 rides (one of which was only an 18 mile spin class), which meant my average ride was right around the half-ironman distance.  On Sunday we had a very good ride up in a windy Davidson area in which we rotated 10 minute pulls and averaged 22 mph over the course of the 80 mile ride.  Very solid.

Running was uneventful this week as I didn't do very much of it.  I do feel like I've actually recovered from the marathon at this point so that is nice.  Good timing.

Needless to say, I'm extremely excited to race this Sunday!  I'm not gonna post my goals, but I AM hoping to PR.

To quote Ricky Bobby: "I just wanna go fast."

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