Sunday, March 7, 2010

First 1/2 Marathon

S: 7000
B: 176
R: 54.5

19.2 hours

3 swims keeping it nice and easy.  I figure I'll try to stick with the MWF and mayyybe a Sunday afternoon swim for a while.  My mind/body seem to like that schedule a lot so I'll go with what works.  I did a 500 yard time trial on Wednesday in 6:20 (3:13, 3:07) which is about two minutes faster than this time last year so that is good news.

I managed some good indoor saddle time during the week and a long ride on Sunday.  I've been feeling strong on the bike and this week was no exception.  Just having a year of consistent riding in my legs has really changed the game.  This time last year I was riding a lot but never really felt very 'strong.'  It's a different ballgame this year.

My 5th week of 50+ miles of running went well.  Kept it pretty easy - as has been the norm - during the week then ran the Corporate Cup half marathon on Saturday.  Behme and I were planning to do the race together at 6:20 pace so we started off smoothly and averaged about 6:17 pace through the first 8 miles until we got to the first major hill on Colony (it's a pretty hilly course but until that point I felt as though all of the hills were relatively easy) and we slowed down a bit.  I guess John could tell that I felt pretty good so he told me to go on ahead if I wanted to; I felt bad leaving but I figured if I had the legs why not give them a little test.  So at mile 9 I went ahead to forge my own way and ended up averaging 6 minute pace through the hardest section of the course to finish in 1:21:29.  Behme came in shortly thereafter with a 1:23:50, a big PR for him.  Obviously it's a PR for me since I've never done an open half-marathon before but I was very satisfied with how the first 8 miles felt.  6:20 pace felt very easy.  Well, easy isn't really the right word but it didn't feel like I was working very hard for that effort level.  I'd love to be able to run a half ironman at that pace.  Dream on.

Next weekend is a break from racing, woo hoo.  First real test of the season (triathlon that is) will be April 18th at the NOLA 70.3, which is only 5 weeks away.  Scary, but awesome.  I can't wait.

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