Monday, April 20, 2009

Lots of racing coming up...

Weekly Summary:
Swim: 3500 yds
Bike: 206 miles
Run: 35.8 miles

Only got in 2 swim workouts this week, but the one on Monday was a real eye-opener. I did my first 1000 yd time trial just to kind of see how I could push myself over a longer distance and I really surprised myself with the results. I did the 1000 in 14:30 with the first 500 in 7:22 and the back half in 7:08; so that's a huge negative split. I know I could have pushed the first 500 a little better and probably come closer to going under 14 minutes but I'll save that for another time. I definitely didn't expect a time quite that fast so that was a real bonus.

A lot of bike miles under the belt this week for sure; that is something I'm really pleased about as I was disappointed with my time at the New Orleans half. I really felt that I could go sub 2:30 in that race and I just...didn't so I'm hoping to continue to improve my biking performance. I got in all my miles in 4 rides which is great because that means my average ride was above 50 miles, something that I always strive to do (I'd much rather have 3 bikes of 50 miles each than 5 of 30 miles...).

I ran a little bit more than I really wanted to this week given that last week's mileage was so low but I think it's ok as 35 miles isn't a tough volume for me to handle. I had 2 good workouts this week, one a stand-alone run of 6 800m repeats and the second a 12 minute tempo off a 75 mile ride. Both of those felt comfortable and manageable.

I also found out this week that I was able to get into the White Lake (NC) Half Ironman on May 9, which is really exciting as a lot of of the people that I train with will also be participating in that race. Luckily for me, non "Ironman" events are significantly less expensive so it doesn't break the bank to race in the setup events series. I'm hoping to "race" this half a little more than New Orleans and once again I have some pretty ambitious time goals. The nice thing about a slower performance is that you can always look to improve upon it, which is exactly what I plan to do in 3 weeks.

This coming weekend I have Duathlon National Championships on Sunday in Richmond, VA (10k run, 38k bike, 5k run); I'd definitely like to go under 2 hours there. The weekend after I have Lake Murray (SC) Triathlon (750m swim, 16mi bike, 5k run), which will basically be a threshold workout (I'm going to try and hold LT the whole race which means about 165-170 bpm on the bike and ~180 bpm on the run). Then the next weekend is White Lake (NC) Half (1.2mi swim, 56 mi bike, 13.1 mi run) where I would just like to go under 4:49. We shall see.

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