Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Went to the Y for an easy swim just to get reacquainted with the water after my extended absence (3+ weeks, ouch). Did 500 continuous yards freestyle plus some other drills to get up to 1000 yards. 500 is the longest continuous swim I've done since changing my stroke and I didn't feel tired at all; I stopped because I became 'panicky' (best way to describe it for lack of better words that I can come up with) about being in the water. My head kept telling me to stop and get out...very strange. I'm hoping it was the big break in between swims plus the fact that it was the longest I've gone without stopping since...early November maybe?

Also got in a workout this evening at the track. (copied from my log so I don't have to rewrite all the times and shiz)

Mile repeats at AG track. Warmed up 3 by myself then 1.5 with Jocelyn, Adam, and Chris. Felt some tightness in a couple of places but I felt fine by the end of the warmup. Adam and Chris were doing 800s, Jocelyn was doing a ladder so consequently we couldn't really hop in with each other much.

Wanted to start at 6:00 pace and work my way down per repeat. There was practically no light at the track and the light on my watch sucks so this was done mostly by feel with only a couple of pace checks. I definitely had a 5th in me but I decided there was no real point. I'd say on a scale of 1-10 effort wise, I'd put this at a 7. Wasn't too taxing, but it was a god workout. Definitely the best mile repeat workout I've done, although it wasn't as fast as the others.

2 minute rest in between, 1 mile cooldown.

(90.4, 91.2, 87.5, 88.7) - 5:57.8
(89.0, 89.3, 88.7, 87.7) - 5:54.7
(86.0, 85.9, 86.2, 86.4) - 5:44.5
(84.8, 86.7, 85.5, 83.7) - 5:40.7

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