Friday, October 31, 2008


Just got back from the "National Leadership Conference" (or something like that) in Talladega, AL. Just a bunch of training stuff for AmeriCorps and site coordinators. Nothing very exciting.

Went running tonight in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Charlotte (Dilworth) and was struck by the number of people driving around in vans to trick-or-treat. I get that these people probably come from some areas of town that aren't as safe and want their kids to have a great Halloween experience but can't you park and walk? Do you really have to van around with 10 kids (no exaggeration) packed into a minivan built for 5-7? The safety factor is not a priority, apparently. Primary objectives include: get lots of candy, get lots of candy.

Also, I hate the teenagers that don't even dress up but walk around to get candy. I always hated that growing up and it annoys me even more at my ripe old age of 23 (soon to be 24). At least put in some effort. I can also assure you that most people giving away candy hate that phenonemon. People are getting lazy these days. Driving from house to house and not even dressing up; we're going to all be fat soon.

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