Saturday, April 26, 2008

CPCC Skyline 5k

I feel more satisfied with this race, pretty much exclusively because I was able to hold myself back from going out too fast. A group of maybe 5-7 or so guys were about 50 yards ahead of a group of 4-5 I was in with 2 guys in the middle ground. I wanted to go with the 2 guys in the middle but I knew that they would post times that I simply am not capable of yet so I held back and maintained a steady effort through the first mile. Around mile 1.5 or so there was a short but steep climb and everyone in my group was suddenly gone. I know I didn't hit the hill hard but jeez. So I ended up having to run by myself for the second half of the race, which really sucked. I'm pretty positive I could have gone 10-15 seconds faster just by having people around me or close in front of me. The 2 guys that were ahead of my group were about 30-45 seconds ahead so that wasn't nearly close enough to really egg me on, unfortunately. I never looked behind me because I knew it would piss me off or make me sad, depending on how close or far away the people behind me were. Nobody did actually pass me though and when I got to the mile 3 marker I laid down a pretty hard kick that was the only time during the race where I think I was just completely out of breath. I did the last .1 miles very fast, which was pretty sweet but I know I left something out there on the course. Oh well, next time.

Splits: 1-5:40, 2-11:15, 3- 17:08, 17:45 chip time for 10th place overall.

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Tracy D said...

Great Run.

Where did you get your race results? I have been unable to pull them up on the CPCC site.